At Appleby and Ward and York Motors.

Barbara Fogerty, Bert Ward’s Secretary, was contacted. She was very sad to hear the news of John’s passing. She was there the day John and his mother came for an interview with Bert re becoming an apprentice. Ann and Barry Sparks Barry Sparks also wanted to remind us that John went as a repairer/observer in a 1914 Silver Ghost,6TB, driven by George Harris, on George’s successful attempt to break the record for the drive “Sydney to Perth”. In a small town they were pulled up by the Police for speeding. When they explained what they were doing the Policeman escorted them through the town and forgot all about the fine

Below: 6TB (Angus) George Harris 1914 Ghost that has twice demonstrated the speed, strength and stamina of a good veteran 40/50 by being driven from Sydney to Perth and return ( in amazing fast 46 6hours 57 minutes, inclusive of stops, on the second occasion).

The drive to Bathurst for this year's Federal Rally must have seemed very mundane in comparison with both car and driver no doubt feeling the urge to continue Westward!.They'll get their chance again next year! Here George Harris (left), Jim Redman (center) and John Vawser pause in Adelaide for liquid refreshment before continuing the record-braking 1979 run to Perth. It is understood that John left George and Jim to it all this stage of th ejourney. For an action packed account of this now famous run, see Praeclarum 79-5 page 500. Photo courtesy Adelaide Advertiser.

Photos: Fred Engish Justin Hutchinson B.Gillings David MarshallMartin David Neely

John with Bryan Inder at the 1972 Federal Rally on the Gold Coast

I was very fortunate to meet John at Appleby and Ward just as John was completing his apprenticeship to Bert Ward. I’d just purchased GPK-42 and with Bert’s permission John guided me in the reassembly of the engine and gear-box. John was very generous with his time and we became good friends for a lifetime. We visited Bert Ward at his home on many occasions, Bert’s wife and son had died and Bert really looked on John as a son. I will always remember John as a generous, thoughtful and extremely capable friend, totally honest and with a delightful sense of humour. He lived a good life. Geoff Harrison

At the Federal Rally in 1977

At the Federal Rally held in Surfers Paradise in 1972 Barry Sparks towed John “driving” in a Silver Wraith just on dusk with an Austin 1800 Ute - as the Wraith had ‘failed to proceed’. Barry Sparks

Still good friends at a 20-G Club Tour to Victor Harbor in 1999.