The Story About the Sir Henry Royce Foundation - Phantom V


5VF159 is a 1967 Rolls-Royce Phantom V delivered to the Commonwealth of Australia in January 1968 as a special order for use by visiting royalty, heads of state and the Governor-General.

  • This Phantom V is a 7 passenger body by H.J. Mulliner, Park Ward Ltd. It is a special colonial model; an oil-bath filter replacing paper to cope better with Australian dust – including an extra 13 litres capacity fuel tank.

  • The engine is a V8 of 6.2 litres running a special low-compression ratio of 8:1 instead of 9:1.

  • Intended for use by Her Majesty – see the Police light above the centre of the windscreen and fittings in the roof for attaching the Royal Standard. The vehicle is not armoured in accordance with Her Majesty’s wishes.

  • It includes a number of special features to make it similar to Her Majesty’s personal Phantom Vs, such as:

    • a special rear armrest incorporating controls for the division, heating,
      air-conditioning and radio

    • a cocktail cabinet with crystal sherry glasses and silver-capped decanters

    • pink silk blinds on rear windows when required for privacy

    • an intercom system in the rear to communicate with the driver

    • Her Majesty always sat behind the driver; her seat being adjustable for both height and forward movement for the best public views

  • In 1983 the Commonwealth government sold the car and it was purchased by John Matheson and Jeanne Eve for private use. In 1997 they drove the car across the Nullarbor to a Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club annual rally in Western Australia and later participated in and completed the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge; a well-travelled car!

  • In 2000 John and Jeanne donated the car to The Sir Henry Royce Foundation. The Sir Henry Royce Foundation has undertaken to conserve this significant historic asset, with the assistance of the Rolls-Royce Owners Club of Australia (NSW Branch).