Being a Vehicle Judge

The RROCA encourages the continued maintenance and preservation of Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars. This encouragement takes a real form in the annual judging of vehicles at the Federal Concours d'Elegance, where trophies are awarded to the best of the best.

NSW Club Concours d'Elegance

Any entrant in the NSW Branch Concours d'Elegance must meet all criteria as laid out in the entry form.

  • Concours Overall Winner Trophy

  • Age & Authenticity Trophy - Only Rolls-Royce motor cars built prior to 1940, and meet the criteria, are eligible for this award

  • Best Restoration of the Year Trophy - Open to Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars that meet the criteria

  • Touring Class Trophy - for people who use their eligible cars on a regular basis and meet the criteria

  • Bentley Trophy - Open to Bentley cars that meet the criteria

  • Ladies Choice - picked from club car attending the annual Club Concours Day

  • Class Trophies ... as listed below

    NSW Branch Concours - 2020 Entry Form

NSW Club Awards / Prizes

  • Fred Engish Photography Prize - Chosen from photos published in L&D from the December/January to October/November editions of L&D in the year that it is to be awarded. The previous year's winner chooses the current year's winner. The award and prize is for a year's general subscription to the club and a trophy. Awarded at our annual Presentation Dinner.

  • London & Derby Literary Awards
    Chosen from issues of L&D from January/February to November each year by the previous year’s winners, and presented by the Editor of L&D. Awarded at our annual Presentation Dinner:
    * For best contribution on a technical topic
    * For best contribution on a general interest
    * For best report on a Rolls-Royce or Bentley
    * For best report on a club activity

  • Peoples' Choice Award - chosen from club cars attending at the annual Club Commemoration Run - Awarded at the Commemoration Run.

Class Trophies - NSW Club and Federal

The trophies are awarded at our annual Presentation Dinner.

  • Class 1 Trophy

    Pre-Ghosts and Silver Ghosts

  • Class 2 Trophy
    Phantom I & Phantom II

  • Class 3 Trophy

    20HP and 20/25HP

  • Class 4 Trophy

    25/30HP, Phantom III and Wraith

  • Class 5 Trophy
    Derby Bentley (3 1/2 Litre, 4 1/4 Litre, Mk V)
  • Class 6 Trophy
    Silver Wraith, Silver Dawn and Phantom IV

  • Class 7 Trophy
    Bentley Mk VI and R-type

  • Class 8 Trophy 
    Silver Cloud I/II/III, Bentley SI/S2/S3 and Phantom V

  • Class 9 Trophy
    Silver Shadow, Bentley T Series, derivatives of those models, Phantom VI

  • Class 10 Trophy
    Silver Spirit I, II & III and Derivatives and equivalent Bentleys and Derivatives

  • Class 11 Trophy
    Silver Seraph, Bentley Arnage and Derivatives

  • Class 12 Trophy
    Goodwood Phantom and derivates

  • Class 13 Trophy
    Bentley Continental GT and derivates

  • Master Class Trophy
    The Master Class shall consist of eligible motor cars which were Overall Winners, Best Pre-War or Best Post-War winners at the preceding three Federal Rallies.

Concours d'Elegance Perpetual Federal Trophies

The Rolls-Royce Owners' Club of Australia has a number of Perpetual Trophies, in addition to the above Class Trophies, awarded each year for the Federal Concours d'Elegance at the Federal Rally.  The Federal Club's Perpetual Trophies are:

  • Overall Winner

    Overall winner of Concours d'Elegance.

  • Company Trophy
    Best restoration of the year. Must be the car's first presentation following completion of restoration. 

  • Age & Authenticity

    Rolls-Royce cars built up to 1940. Chassis only judged.

  • Best Pre-War Car

    Best car manufactured prior to 1940

  • Best Post-War Car

    The newest car attending the Federal Rally.

  • Bentley Trophy

    Awarded to Best Bentley from 1987. 

  • Post-War Coachbuilt Trophy
    "The Elegant Coachwork Trophy" 

  • Best Australian Coachwork Trophy

  • Frank Cove Federal Rally Trophy

    Awarded to person/s making the most significant contribution to each year's Federal Rally.