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Silver Shadow Electric Window Repairs

June 2020

By Glyn Sanders

Reprinted with the author's permission
Member of RREC East Midlands Section

Rolls-Royce Remembers Founder's Pinoeering Flight

1 June 2020

By Rolls-Royce Media
Media Release attached from Rolls-Royce giving an excellent article on this moment in time...

Repairing a Damaged Fuel Tap

May 2020

By Nicholas Simons
Reprinted with the author's permission.
Member of the RREC - East Midlands Section

Centre Steering Levers & Pivots on Immediate Post War Cars

May 2020

By George Milburn
Reprinted with the author's permission
Member of RREC East Midlands Section


Art Cars

April 2020

By David Neely

Two Australian artists, two personal artistic interpretations, two Rolls-Royce art cars.... 

The Austin Family

April 2020

By David Neely

Albert and Catherine Austin. A lovely tale about Victoria Branch member Jill Dickson’s great grandparents owned a 1912 Silver Ghost. 

Miss May Brookes

April 2020

By David Neely

From Melbourne society to tennis at Wimbledon in the 1900s, Cario in World War I and Rolls-Royces in England, Europe and Australian the 1920s and 1930s.


Tragedy Struck Young Rolls-Royce and Bentley Owner

April 2020

By David Neely

Dick Wilkinson was twice struck by tragedy, the second time at the wheel of his 1934 Rolls-Royce.

A Startling Colour Scheme GYZ6

Easter Sunday 2020

By David Neely

Harold Arnott of the famous Sydney biscuit family chose a dramatic colour scheme for his 1933 Rolls-Royce.

The Bookie & The Punter

April 2020

By David Neely

Sol Green was the bookmaker and Hugh Denison was the punter. Both owned Rolls-Royces. Both had horse studs. Both had horses that won Melbourne Cups. And then there was the bet. Read on....

Commonwealth Z Cars

April 2020

By David Neely

A short history of two of the Sir Henry Royce Foundation Commonwealth Z Cars.

Frank Alberts and the Number 7

29 March 2020

By: David Neely

The Frank Alberts of Sydney, who have a fine fleet of cars, specialise in number, rather than car families. Another wonderful read by David.  Enjoy.

Mrs Penfold & the Colour Grey

March 2020

By: David Neely

A wonderful story about Mrs Penfold Hyland. Enjoy the read.

Rolls-Royce & Bentley Jargon, Design & Trivia

March 2020

By: Margaret Gillings

"I get it now. It's not just about engines, is it? It's all about excellent design.”

Shadow Technical Day

December 2019

By: Anderson Leong.

A wonderful article capturing a recent club event Shadow Technical Day. Sincere thanks to Charlie Frew of Code Clean for hosting this excellent day.

Rolling Out West

Nov 2019

By: Anna Gregg

Scanned from the November 2019 issue of NRMA Open Road magazine. A wonderful story reminiscing about a holiday back in 1972 in a Phantom II (one of the Gillings cars). What memories and how holidays have changed.

Posted here with permission of the author.

Royal Connections

Sept/Oct 2019 Issue

By: David Neely

A wonderful article on the SHRF Phantom V written by our own David Neely. David is also the Sir Henry Royce Foundation's Historical Consultant. The article here has been reproduced with the authors permission and appreciation to the UK magazine in which it appears: Rolls-Royce & Bentley Drivers.

Alice Anderson

March, 2019

From ABC Conversations: Alice was a quintessential, mould-breaking young woman of the roaring twenties. Raised in country Victoria, she was capable and confident, and not interested in what was considered proper. Alice opened a motor touring company in Melbourne during the first world war. The business grew and by the 1920s Miss Anderson's Motor Service included a mechanic's shop, staffed entirely by young women known as 'garage girls'. Loretta Smith has spent a decade researching the story of Alice's life and tragic early death.

Memories of John Vawser - Mechanic

March 2019

Enjoy reminiscences of times and fun spent with John Vawser.
Note:  This is a large 14MB file.

Adjusting the Cross Steering Tube on a Pre-War Car

April 2019

Article by Nicholas Simons / BLX262
With the authors permission
As it appears in the Custodian newsletter of the RREC East Midlands, UK

A Verbatim Report on the Epic Crossing …. and never to be repeated

October 1979

Jim Redman, George Harris's co-driver of the 1914 Silver Ghost 6TB for the 1979 'Across Australia Drive' gave the following account of the dash.  A very good read....

Attention to Detail: The Bonnet Centre Strip Enigma

August 2018

Reprinted with permission by the author John Shostrom.

Fitting New Gaiters to a Pre-War Car

March 2018

By Nicholas Simons (GGA 50) and as appeared in the July 2018 edition of Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club, East Midlands Section Club NEWSLETTER "The Custodian".  Enjoy!

Who Fired the Last Shot?

This is not the story of an aeroplane but of an early WWI aero engine, alive, well and living in Australia. here

A trouser belt saves the day

January, 2018

By George Milburn and as appeared in the January 2018 edition of Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club, East Midlands Section Club NEWSLETTER "The Custodian".  Enjoy

In pictures

24th October, 2016

Story by Mike Hanlon:  Australia's 2016 Motorclassica earns a spot on the world tour. With one of the largest countries in the world and the lowest population densities, Australians have always loved their cars and have been affluent enough to be importing the very best examples since motoring began......

Classy Rolls-Royce convoy rolls into Wagga

18th September, 2016

Story by Nicolas Jungfer, The Daily Advertiser (Wagga) A convoy of glimmering Rolls-Royces congregated in Wagga on the weekend. The Rolls-Royce Owners' Club of Australia brought 40 cars through town as a part of its annual Dawn Patrol, named after the Silver Dawn Rolls Royce.

A Special RROC Visit Down Under

August 2016

By Sue Gesler.... as published in the The Spirit of Ecstasy RROCA Southern California Region.

Convoy Rolls into town on its way to Fremantle

9th April, 2015

As appeared in the North West Star newspaper.  

Approved by journalist BRONWYN WHEATCROFT to appear on our website.

Phantom II - Head Corrosion


A Slim Monograph by Barrie Gillings

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